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Sev Puri – Most simplest method ever !

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Adjust Servings:
Boiled and Mashed potato
1 Large Tomato
1 Large onion
Finely chopped coriander leaves (For Garnishing)
1 handful coriander leaves (For chutney)
1/2 handful pudina leaves
Pea sized Whole tamarind
3 Nos of green chilli
1 Pod garlic
1 tbsp fresh grated coconut
1 cup Tamarind extract (For chutney)
1/2 cup Jaggery
chaat masala
powdered Jeera
A pinch Pepper powder
1/4 tspn red chilli powder

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Sev Puri – Most simplest method ever !

Indian Savoury snack


    Chaat - Finger smacking dish

    • 40 mins
    • Serves 4
    • Medium








    Try eating it once and you will never feel enough of having it.

    Hello everyone,

    Has your mouth already started watering??  Yes,  this is the most delicious savoury snack you will ever have in the entire world. It is famous through out India.

    Today, there are star restaurants serving these savoury snack as a part of buffet or Table menu.

    I don’t have to tell you more about this recipe. Let me just break it down into the simplest recipe yet preserving its exact taste. this may sound hard. but trust me, It can never be so satisfying to see yourself preparing such an incredible dish.


    SHEV : So starting with the Shev that is the salty fine strands of made of chickpea flour. you can prepare at home as well as purchase it from any super market. this is available across the entire  globe sold by some leading manufacturers.

    PURI : Puri is a flattened disc, hard and salty somewhat close to a chips you may call it. this is also available through out the world. or if you wish to prepare one i will just explain in few words towards the end of this recipe.

    CHAAT MASALA : Now no Indian savoury snack is complete or say a savoury snack without this major ingredient. it is nothing but a kind of seasoning prepared with few Indian spices. But it can not be replaced with any other seasoning when it comes to chaat items… Only my Indian Brothers and sisters would agree to it…

    KHATTI MEETHI CHUTNEY : ‘Khatti’ meaning Tangy and ‘Meethi‘ meaning sweet. Its a must go sauce for this recipe preapred with tamarind extract and jaggery along with few other spices. Very simple – There are two in preparing this. One is only for Pani puri (An indian savoury snack). Another is for Bhel puri or shev puri.

    So for Shev puri, Take one parts tamarind extract, mix it with half parts jaggery. Tamarind extract need not be thick. keep it well diluted. it will thicken once its boiled. In a pan pour this mixture and bring it to a good boil. once you turn of the gas, add these spices – a pinch of pepper powder, 1-2 tspn chaat masala, a pinch of jeera (cumin) powder, 1/4 tspn Paprika powder. reason why we add after turning of stove is to retain the flavours’s aroma.

    THEEKHI CHUTNEY : ‘Theeki’  meaning spicy chutney. Its made out of fresh coriander leaves and fresh pudina leaves. so this is sauce that is blended and consumed as raw. nothing is cooked from this chutney.

    So this is common for almost all the chaat items or say, Bhajji or Indian sandwiches. In a blender Jar add one parts coriander leaves to half parts Pudina leaves (Fresh mint leaves). Tamarind just a pea sized for balancing the raw flavour of the green leaves. 1 garlic pod and  3 green chillies. 1 tbsp of freshly grated coconut.  after grinding mix 1/4 tspn chaat masala and a pinch of roasted jeera powder to it. Mix well.

    TOPPING : we need to put some topping over the puri, before adding chutney. so we take, Boiled and Mashed potatoes,  raw onion finely chopped, raw tomato finely chopped, fresh and finely chopped coriander leaves.


    Now how do we put it all together? What comes first and what comes next? why not this here, why not that over this?

    Plating the shev puri in a right way is very important. Else you wont feel the right taste in it. There is a sequence and we have to follow it that way.

    1. —–>  Place the the puri

    2. —–> Press some mashed potatoes on top of the puri

    3. —–> Add finely chopped onion followed by finely chopped tomato

    4. —–> Now add Chaat masala at this stage to every puri seperately

    5. —–> Firstly we add Tangy chutney and then the spicy chutney. reason – we want our taste buds to experience the                 tangy flavour first and the spicy chutney later. Thats how it goes… there is no science behind it but it is all                     about experiencing the taste.

    6. —–> Garnish with heap full of Shev.

    7. —–> Sprinkle coriander leaves on top of each and every shev puri.

    Now, we have completed the process of preparing this shev puri , Indulge into this delicious finger licking savoury snack. And you know what? Now you don’t have to be dependent on anyone for eating this. This tangy chutney can also be stored into airtight container for upto 5 days in refrigerator. Preapring spicy green chutney is very simple and can be done within 10 mins.

    Enjoy, Have a nice chaat day.







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    Monisha C.

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